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Self-Publishing Made Easy Passionate Writing Journal


Write, Publish and Market Your Bestseller!

After spending way too much money to create an inferior-quality book, the average self-published author only sells 75 copies. That’s not enough to cover publishing costs let alone turn a profit.

The Self-Publishing Made Easy Series will save you hours of research, thousands of dollars and mountains of frustration. Written by an expert with over fifteen years of experience in the book industry, this how-to guide navigates you through the mysterious labyrinth of self-publishing. Avoid dishonest publishers and master how to make publishing quick, easy and affordable!

The Passionate Writing Journal will help you:

  1. Write your bestseller
  2. Maximize the unique qualities of your book
  3. Understand how to avoid the top 11 mistakes new writers make
  4. Master the secrets of writing from an editor’s perspective
  5. Develop believable characters
  6. Create a chapter outline
  7. Overcome writer’s block
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