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Frustrated with Publishing Companies That Over Promise and Under Deliver, Three Industry Experts Collaborate to Help Aspiring Authors Maximize Credibility, Visibility and Profitability

Intimate Half-Day Workshop for New and Experienced Writers to Learn How to Write Like a Pro, Publish in Excellence and Market Like an Expert

Dayton, Ohio February 11, 2020–On Saturday, May 9, 2020, three industry experts will gather at POWER Book Fest’s half-day intensive workshop to show aspiring authors how to write, publish and market bestsellers…the right way. The workshops run 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM at Montgomery County Fairgrounds Event Center, 645 Infirmary Road Dayton, OH 45417. For writers who are frustrated with writer’s block, overwhelmed with publishing and confused about marketing, registration is open at (
Valerie J. Lewis Coleman, author, speaker and POWER Book Fest founder, says, “According to Publisher’s Weekly, the number of self-published titles in 2018 jumped to 1.68 million, a 40% increase from the previous year. For sustainable success, authors have to be invested in not only creating literary masterpieces, but building interest, followings and communities for their books.” Coleman, who mentors clients to produce content and marketing copy that helps readers self-identify, continues, “Despite the explosion of self-published books, most authors do not reap benefits like national exposure, media attention and book sales. Two contributing factors to dismal results: producing a poor-quality book and an ineffective marketing plan. If readers cannot connect with an author’s message, they will not see value in the book and will not invest in it.”
Joining Coleman is Tenita C. Johnson, writing expert and CEO of So It Is Written, and Whitney L. Barkley, content marketing strategist at Speakerazzi. Workshop topics include:
● How to get your bestseller out of your head and onto paper
● What is editing and why you cannot avoid it
● Proven, repeatable strategies to save you thousands of dollars at every step of the publishing process
● How to market your book before, during and after your launch
● Q & A session with a panel of experts

POWER Book Fest is May 9, 2020 in Dayton, OH at Montgomery County Fairgrounds Event Center. Registration for the workshop ends May 1, 2020 or when 25 serious writers register, whichever comes first. For more information, contact Valerie J. Lewis Coleman at or the official website ( Stay connected by liking the Facebook page: POWERBookFest (

About Valerie J. Lewis Coleman
Best-selling author and award-winning publisher, Valerie J. Lewis Coleman serves professional speakers and experts to magnify and monetize their message by publishing quality books. With over fifteen years of experience in the book business and 134 published authors under her belt, Valerie helps aspiring authors navigate the mysterious labyrinth of self-publishing to leverage their expertise and make money. Connect with Valerie at
About Whitney L. Barkley
Whitney L. Barkley is a content marketing strategist at Speakerazzi. For more than a decade, she has worked with authors, speakers and organizations to leverage storytelling through repurposed and original content. She hosts the self-help podcast, Pink Lemonade Podcast, which has more than 37,000 downloads spanning 50+ countries. Connect with Whitney at
About Tenita C. Johnson
Editorial guru and authorpreneur, Tenita C. Johnson, perfects manuscripts. As the founder and CEO of So It Is Written, she is known as a human spell check, noun nerd and grammar police. She proudly wears the badge of honor to correct and serve. Dubbed the editor’s editor, Tenita hosts the annual Red Ink Conference to empower aspiring authors to write from the editor’s perspective thus saving time and money. Connect with Tenita at

Source: Number of Self-Published Titles Jumped 40% in 2018, Publisher’s Weekly
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