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Write Your Bestseller Mentoring


Putting pen to paper can be a daunting task. With life’s distractions and unclear vision, many writers never complete their book. This package includes

• Unlimited 15-minute laser-focused mentoring sessions
• Monthly private writing sessions
• Pen of the Writer’s Self-Publishing Made Easy Passionate Writing Journal
• Detailed assessment of your message, audience and uniqueness
• Tips, exercises and strategies to overcome writer’s block
• Creating a chapter outline
• Composing your book synopsis
• Developing a usable writing schedule
• Transcribed summary sessions with action items
• Accountability updates
• Lifetime access to Pen of the Writer’s exclusive online community

You will
• Craft your authentic writing voice
• Master writing from an editor’s perspective
• Avoid the top 11 mistakes made by 95% of new authors
• Create your POWER Team for on-going accountability, support and feedback
• Maximize the unique qualities of your book to leverage your expertise
• Magnify and monetize your message
• Acquire proven techniques for use on future projects

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