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Publishing a book can be tedious, overwhelming and downright expensive, especially if you don’t know who to trust, what to do and how to get it done right the first time.

You have access to this content for two weeks to watch and rewatch at your convenience!

Save 27% with the 3-course bundle

    Write Your Bestseller

This session includes
• 90-minute training
• Pre-work to elevate your writing journey
• Write Your Bestseller Accountability Form
• Fear-Setting Template
• Create Your POWER Team
• Pen of the Writer Writing Prompts
• 7 Protocols of Forgiveness
• Forgiveness Prayer
• Pen of the Writer Weekly Plan Sheet

    Publish Your Bestseller

This session includes
• 120-minute training
• Pre-work
• Self-Publishing Made Easy Book Production Costs pdf
• Editing: Friend or Foe? pdf
• Pen of the Writer’s Contracting an Editor pdf
• Book Producers pdf
• POWER List of 50+ Editors
• POWER Book Production Timeline
• Publish Your Bestseller Accountability Form

    Market Your Bestseller

This session includes
• 90-minute training
• Pre-work
• Killing Interviews pdf
• Interview Prep Sheet pdf
• Creating Your Social Media Calendar pdf
• Market Your Bestseller Accountability Form

At the end of this training, you will
• Save thousands of dollars, hours of research and tons of frustration
• Maximize your effectiveness in the publishing industry
• Minimize your book-production expenses
• Magnify and monetize your message
• Acquire proven techniques for use on future projects
• Recognize the elements of an eye-catching cover and title
• Copyright your book the right way

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