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Valerie J. Lewis Coleman

Author, Publisher, Speaker

Best-selling author and award-winning publisher, Valerie J. Lewis Coleman serves professional speakers and experts to magnify and monetize their message by publishing quality books. With over fifteen years of experience in the book business, she helps aspiring authors navigate the mysterious labyrinth of self-publishing to leverage their expertise and make money.

This expert divulges industry secrets on avoiding the top five mistakes made by 95% of new authors, pricing your book to sell, and identifying shady publishers. Since 2005, Valerie has hosted citywide book events, which have connected more than 750 authors to avid readers and writers. Her dynamic presentation and knowledge of the business saves you thousands of dollars, hours of research, and mountains of frustration by making publishing quick, easy and affordable!

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Pen of the Writer

Serving professional speakers and experts to magnify and monetize their message by publishing quality book

With its name derived from Judges 5:14, Pen of the Writer (POWER) was created to use the writing pen as a weapon to fight the enemy and celebrate the good news of Christ Jesus. Committed to helping clients RISE with Results, Integrity, Excellence, and Service, Pen of the Writer professionally engineers and designs books to land clients paid speaking engagements, media attention, and books sales.

In addition to books about how to write, publish, and market your bestseller, Pen of the Writer conducts workshops, retreats, and virtual academies for aspiring authors to master self-publishing. Having trained thousands and published 185 authors—70% of whom are bestsellers—Pen of the Writer has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Our services include

  • Publishing for writers who want the benefits of self-publishing without the hassle.
  • Mentoring for the experts who want to take the do-it-yourself approach to master self-publishing while navigating the serpentine maze of the book business.
  • When I See Me BIPOC Children’s Book Fair was created to pique children’s curiosity, boost their confidence, and enhance their ability to connect with the world around them by featuring books with characters that look like them.
  • Pen of the Writer Academy is a cohort program designed to guide you through every aspect of successful self-publishing including editing, cover design, and engaging your audience.
  • Free Your Mind and the Words Will Follow Writers Retreat is a three-day immersive experience focusing on your worth, willpower, and writing.
  • Since inception, Pen of the Writer has collaborated with more than 250 printers worldwide. We decoded the confusing and complex technical language of book printers to save clients thousands of dollars with Print My Book.
  • To avoid costly mistakes and make quantum leaps toward publishing your bestseller, visit PenOfTheWriter.com or schedule a complimentary session with our lead expert at https://penofthewriter.as.me.

    Creating Best-Selling Authors through Pen of the Writer

    From Mess to Magnet: 5 Secrets to Attract and Keep Lasting Love

    Based on The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box: Relationship Advice That Your Father Didn’t Tell You and Your Mother Didn’t Know

    Valerie J. Lewis Coleman serves women who struggle to experience a fulfilling relationship by revealing The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box to attract and keep lasting love. With over twenty years of experience in family and relationships, this expert researches men to give advice on various issues including identifying the four types of male hunters, avoiding 70% of men who only want the goody box and winning the heart of Mr. Right-For-You.

    Valerie empowers girls, young ladies and women to be confident, respectable and knowledgeable about the opposite sex. Using humor, witty storytelling and expertise, she exposes relationship advice from men and offers proven techniques to help women get off the crazy cycle of relational demise. TheGoodyBoxBook.com

    From Mess to Magnet: 5 Secrets to Attract and Keep Lasting Love

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