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Quality mentorship taps into the knowledge, experience and connections of someone who has done what you desire to do. Valerie J. Lewis Coleman is a seasoned and well-respected expert who walks you through the process, explains industry standards and reboots your book cover-to- cover. She patiently mentors you to boost your confidence.

Tyrone Givens, author of the bestselling novel, The Bennu Project

Thank you for publishing It All Started When I Stopped Using Lotion: One Woman’s Journey from Chaos to Calm. The book is a wonderful tool that assists me in fulfilling my mission to empower one million women and girls!

Dr. Karen M. R. Townsend, best-selling author who aligns organizations and maximizes talent

I hired Valerie as my marketing mentor. She operated with integrity, showed up as promised, worked hard and pushed me to do the same. In less than five months, I had 38 new reviews, over 300 additional followers and became an Amazon bestseller! She’s a motivated motivator who will come through for you too.

Dr. Sonia Cunningham Leverette
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