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Write Your Bestseller: 3 Unexpected Benefits of Writing a Book

The idea of writing a book has been romanticized since the days of ink-dipped quills. Some of the most-enduring pieces of literary art happened because someone took the initiative to put an idea to paper. You might think that the main benefit of writing a book is that you have written a book, but many other bonuses exist. Three unexpected benefits of writing a book include:

Many people read to relax, but you can also find solace with writing.
• The process of purging your emotions can be therapeutic by reducing today’s stress and envisioning tomorrow’s blessings.
• Focused writing helps tune out the multitude of daily intrusions like social media.
• You can maximize your relaxation by writing in a secluded environment, such as a private room in your house or a resort lodge in the mountainous woods of Kentucky.
• You can breathe a sigh of relief satisfied that the pressure-causing, dream-bombarding ideas have been captured.

Transform Lives
Have you ever read something that seemed to speak directly to you? What is more rewarding as an author than hearing a reader say that your book changed their life? Of course, you want to reach millions, top bestsellers lists and shift the trajectory of your life, but how do you put a price on improving someone’s quality of life? Whether you write to entertain, inform or inspire, good writing connects with readers. When you craft a meaningful book and your message resonates, you change the world one reader at a time.

Make Money
Although monetary pursuit should not be your primary objective (that mindset snatches the soul and fun from your writing), writing a great book can yield financial gain. With a reputable publisher, you can generate a viable income stream that serves you for years. You may not be able to quit your day job, but the increased revenue from the book—and its byproducts (more on that later)—can relax your financial concerns and keep you motivated to transform lives.

The art of book writing has lasting, exponential benefits for you and your readers. Do not snuff the message that is burning inside you before others have the opportunity to bask in its glow.

“If you want to live forever, publish a great book.”
—Valerie J. Lewis Coleman

Best-selling author and award-winning publisher, Valerie J. Lewis Coleman serves professional speakers and experts to magnify and monetize their message by publishing quality books. With over fifteen years of experience in the book business, she has published over 130 authors and helped thousands of writers navigate the challenges of self-publishing. This expert divulges industry secrets on avoiding the top five mistakes made by 95% of new authors, pricing your book to sell and identifying shady publishers. Valerie founded Dayton Book Expo—the region’s premier book event—connecting almost 700 authors to avid readers. Her dynamic presentation and knowledge of the business takes writers from pen to paper to published as they master self-publishing to make money!

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