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Publish Bestsellers for Clients Mentoring


If you think publishing your book is challenging, publishing authors can be insurmountable without systems, strategies and structure. Let our expert – who has published over 140 authors – guide you to succeed as a book publisher. This package includes

• Unlimited 15-minute laser-focused mentoring sessions
• Pen of the Writer’s Self-Publishing Made Easy Powerful Publishing Journal
• Activity-based timeline
• Transcribed summary sessions with action items
• Checklists, templates and forms
• Accountability to keep you on track and within budget
• Access to results-driven industry resources for editing, cover design and illustrations
• Lifetime access to Pen of the Writer’s exclusive online community

In six months, you will
• Save thousands of dollars, hours of research and tons of frustration
• Maximize your effectiveness in the publishing industry
• Minimize your book-production expenses
• Magnify and monetize your message
• Acquire proven techniques for use on future projects
• Establish your publishing company
o Identify your ideal client
o Establish policies and procedures for submissions and client intake
o Contracts for clients, editors and illustrators
o Develop publishing packages through reverse engineering
o Identify tools to manage client projects
o Master money management methods
o Understand the basics of federal and state taxes
o Calculating and distributing royalties
• Implement purposeful publishing practices
o Analysis of publishing elements essential for interior design
o Creating eye-catching covers and wow-factor titles
o Determining optimal retail prices
o Copyright rules
o Crafting bios
o Composing synopses
o Position books for availability to over 25,000 retailers and online booksellers including and
• Obtain marketing basics to brand you and your clients
o Third-party credibility
o Website
o Promotional material
o Social media
o Survival kit essentials

In 12 months, you will receive all the benefits of the 6-month plan plus
• Access to reliable printers across the world with Print My Book
• Managing printers to save thousands of dollars
• In-depth mentoring on
o eBook publishing
o Composing and distributing press releases
o Find, confirm and kill interviews
o Strategies to get reviews
o Landing paid speaking engagements
o Hosting amazing book launches
o How to leverage social media
o 5 Secrets for the Perfect Photo Shoot

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