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Publish Your Bestseller Mentoring


Publishing a book can be tedious, overwhelming and downright expensive, especially if you don’t know who to trust, what to do and how to get it done right the first time. This package includes

• Unlimited 15-minute laser-focused mentoring sessions
• Pen of the Writer’s Self-Publishing Made Easy Powerful Publishing Journal
• Manuscript review and critique
• Activity-based timeline
• Transcribed summary sessions with action items
• Accountability to keep you on track and within budget
• Access to results-driven industry resources for editing, cover design and printing
• Assistance with legal document filings
• In-depth analysis of publishing elements essential for interior and cover design
• Expert guidance to DIY manuscript formatting
• Determination of your optimal retail price
• Lifetime access to Pen of the Writer’s exclusive online community

You will
• Save thousands of dollars, hours of research and tons of frustration
• Maximize your effectiveness in the publishing industry
• Minimize your book-production expenses
• Compose your professional bio
• Craft your powerful synopsis
• Price your book to sell
• Prepare your book for printing using Microsoft Word
• Create your WOW-factor title
• Coordinate the design of your eye-catching cover
• Copyright your book the right way
• Establish your publishing company
• Automate printing, fulfillment and distribution
• Position your book for availability to over 25,000 retailers and online booksellers including and
• Publish your eBook to Kindle
• Magnify and monetize your message
• Acquire proven techniques for use on future projects

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