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60 Minutes to Bestseller


Whether your focus is writing, publishing or marketing your bestseller, 60 Minutes to Bestseller is designed to provide you with laser-focused mentoring. In just one hour, Valerie J. Lewis Coleman will save you thousands of dollars, hours of research and mountains of frustration by sharing proven strategies that she and her clients have implemented with great success! Customize your session or choose from the following list:

• 7 Must-Have Book Marketing Strategies
• Help! My Bio Reads Like an Obituary
• Composing an Attention-Getting Press Release
• Get Me and My Book on Amazon!
• Find, Confirm and Kill Interviews
• Get Paid to Speak
• Mind Your Business: 5 Techniques to Manage Your Business Affairs
• Execute in Excellence: How to Host Profitable Live Events
• How to Leverage Social Media
• How to Get the Most Out of Book Fairs
• Lights, Camera, Action: 5 Secrets for the Perfect Photo Shoot
• First-Chapter Edit and Critique (for QVP clients only)

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