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Leapfrog Your Success: How to Publish a Bestselling Children’s Book Courses


Whether you’re struggling to finish your children’s book, tired of fighting with illustrators or want to avoid the pitfalls of publishing, Leapfrog Your Success with these Pen of the Writer Virtual BOOK Camp courses:

Join the live training at or access recorded content for two weeks to watch and rewatch at your convenience!

Save 27% with the 3-course bundle

    Show and Tell: Creating Your Illustration List

Showing an illustrator how to tell your story is the most difficult aspect of publishing children’s books. Master how to transfer what’s in your mind to your illustrator by designing a detailed illustration list. This training includes
• 90-minute training
• Pre-work to elevate your publishing journey
Oh, The Things I Can Be When I See Me Illustration List
• Monkey See Monkey Do Checklist
• Leapfrog Illustration List Accountability Form

    Seek-n-Find the Perfect Illustrator

Having to seek-n-find the perfect illustrator for your children’s book can be downright frustrating. Moreover, if you don’t understand the components of an effective illustration agreement, you can get tagged with delays, overpayments and lawsuits. If you want children to enjoy your well-illustrated book, this game plan is for you. This session includes
• 90-minute training
• Pre-work
Oh, The Things I Can Be When I See Me Illustration Agreement
• Customizable illustration agreement
• MeMe Says Illustrator Checklist
• POWER List of 75+ Illustrators
• Leapfrog Illustration Agreement Accountability Form

    Red Light, Green Light: What’s this Book Going to Cost Me?

Illustrations. Editing. Printing. How much is too much to publish your children’s book? Use this stop-and-go strategy to develop your publishing budget, master strategies to reduce your costs and find low-priced, high-quality printers to ensure you don’t lose your shirt. This session includes
• 90-minute training
• Pre-work
• Red Light, Green Light Children’s Book Publishing Costs pdf
• Editing: Friend or Foe? pdf
• Contracting an Editor pdf
• POWER List of 50+ Editors
• Leapfrog Publishing Budget Accountability Form

At the end of this training, you will
• Save thousands of dollars, hours of research and tons of frustration
• Maximize your effectiveness in the publishing industry
• Minimize your book-production expenses
• Magnify and monetize your message
• Acquire proven techniques for use on future projects
• Understand the elements of eye-catching illustrations
• Identify publishing parameters specific to your book

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