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Build Your Virtual Brand


If you’ve written a bestseller, but didn’t build your brand, your books will set on a shelf, in your garage or the basement. This strategy includes

• Detailed assessment of your current platform
• Expert critique of your book
• Confirming virtual book tour on at least ten sites
• Confirming at least three online radio interviews
• Laser-focused mentoring for interview preparation
• 30-day social media promotions schedule
• Creating an SEO-based media release for circulation to your fans
• Posting media release to local TV, radio and newspaper outlets provided by you
• Posting media release to at least two eBlast services with 50,000+ contacts
• Promoting media release to Pen of the Writer’s 25,000+ contacts
• Activity-based timeline
• Transcribed summary sessions with action items
• Lifetime access to Pen of the Writer’s exclusive online community

You will
• Magnify your message through blogs, interviews and social media
• Build your fan base
• Master proven techniques for use on future projects
• Obtain revenue-generating strategies for multiple streams of income

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