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Do It Right the First Time Conversations with Marketing Experts


Do It Right the First Time: Conversations with Marketing Experts!

Someday you’re going to be someone’s favorite author.

You don’t have to learn by trial-and-error. An expert can keep you from wasting time, teach you cost-saving-revenue-generating strategies, and position you to write, publish, and market a book that gets you media attention, paid speaking engagements, and sales.

Thirty-two experts have committed to serving you with years of experience, results, and resources! Do It Right the First Time includes insight to craft compelling stories, strategies to maximize profit, and out-of-the-box marketing ideas! This resource will help you make quantum leaps to publish your book in excellence…the first time!

Conversations with Marketing Experts, the third book in this three-book series, contains nine interviews with experts offering real, relevant, repeatable advice to help you magnify and monetize your message. In this book, you will:

  1. Acquire sound legal advice for copyrights, contracts, and collaborations
  2. Learn the 5Cs of generating six-figures from your book
  3. Optimize your Amazon author page
  4. Master strategies to leverage your expertise with podcasts
  5. Understand how to land deals with traditional publishing houses
  6. Know the dos and don’ts of designing a bionic bio
  7. Gain insight into how to pitch your message to media
  8. Obtain firsthand accounts of how to debut as a best-selling author
  9. Find tons of resources to help you make quantum leaps toward publishing success
  10. And much more!
  11. Pre-order your copies today! Save when you order the entire series!

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