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Do It Right the First Time


Do It Right the First Time: How to Write, Publish and Market Your Bestseller!

The average self-published author sells less than 250 copies for the life of a book. That’s not enough to recoup publishing expenses let alone make a profit. Some titles fall short with the topic and quality of the content. For others, corners were cut to save money resulting in horrible covers, incorrect formatting, and ultimately, lost revenue. However, most titles miss the mark with marketing. Without an effective ongoing strategy, sales plummet into the abyss of obscurity after the book launch. Instead of connecting, convincing, and converting potential readers to paid customers, authors alienate, affront, and avoid their intended audience. If you have no idea how to craft your story, you’re overwhelmed with how to publish your book, or you’re confused about the basics of book marketing, Do It Right the First Time has exactly what you need to level up your success.

This compilation, with stories from 33 industry experts, will help you:

  1. Save thousands of dollars, hours of research, and tons of frustration
  2. Avoid common mistakes made by 95% of all new authors
  3. Acquire writing strategies from master storytellers
  4. Learn how to transfer the ideas floating around your brain onto paper
  5. Minimize your book-production expenses
  6. Understand how to price your book to sell
  7. Design an eye-catching cover
  8. Copyright your book the right way
  9. Optimize your Amazon author page
  10. Generate multiple streams of income from one book
  11. Understand how to be heard above the noise on social media
  12. Little-known secrets to get your books in libraries
  13. Tons of resources to help you make quantum leaps toward publishing success
  14. And much more!
  15. Pre-order your copy today! Autographed copies ship Fall 2021!

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